17.8 EXPORT Function

This function exports the query context in the specified format.


  p_context                 IN apex_exec.t_context,
  p_format                  IN t_format,
  p_as_clob                 IN BOOLEAN          DEFAULT false,
  p_columns                 IN t_columns        DEFAULT c_empty_columns,
  p_column_groups           IN t_column_groups  DEFAULT c_empty_column_groups,
  p_aggregates              IN t_aggregates     DEFAULT c_empty_aggregates,
  p_highlights              IN t_highlights     DEFAULT c_empty_highlights,
  p_file_name               IN VARCHAR2         DEFAULT NULL,
  p_print_config            IN t_print_config   DEFAULT c_empty_print_config,
  p_page_header             IN VARCHAR2         DEFAULT NULL,
  p_page_footer             IN VARCHAR2         DEFAULT NULL,
  p_supplemental_text       IN VARCHAR2         DEFAULT NULL,
  p_csv_enclosed_by         IN VARCHAR2         DEFAULT NULL,
  p_csv_separator           IN VARCHAR2         DEFAULT NULL,
  p_pdf_accessible          IN BOOLEAN          DEFAULT NULL,
  p_xml_include_declaration IN BOOLEAN          DEFAULT false ) 
  RETURN t_export


Parameter Description
p_context Context object from the EXEC infrastructure.
p_format Export format. Valid values are: XLSX, PDF, HTML, CSV, XML and JSON.
p_as_clob Exports as a CLOB instead of BLOB (default FALSE).
p_columns Collection of column attributes beginning with column breaks, then in the order of display.
p_column_groups Collection of column group attributes in the order of levels and display.
p_aggregates Collection of report aggregates.
p_highlights Collection of report highlights.
p_file_name Defines the filename of the export.
p_print_config Used for EXCEL and PDF to set the print attributes.
p_page_header Text to appear in the header section of the document. Overrides the page header from p_print_config.
p_page_footer Text to appear in the footer section of the document. Overrides the page footer from p_print_config.
p_supplemental_text Text at the top of all download formats.
p_csv_enclosed_by Used for CSV to enclose the output.
p_csv_separator Used for CSV to separate the column values.
p_pdf_accessible Used for PDF to create an accessible PDF.
p_xml_include_declaration Used for XML to generate the XML declaration as the first line.


This function returns: the export file as object which includes the contents, MIME type, and file name.


    l_context apex_exec.t_context; 
    l_export  apex_data_export.t_export;
    l_context := apex_exec.open_query_context(
        p_location    => apex_exec.c_location_local_db,
        p_sql_query   => 'select * from emp' );

    l_export := apex_data_export.export (
                        p_context   => l_context,
                        p_format    => apex_data_export.c_format_pdf );

    apex_exec.close( l_context );

    apex_data_export.download( p_export => l_export );

    when others THEN
        apex_exec.close( l_context );