32.6 ADD_INLINE_CODE Procedure

This procedure adds a code snippet that is included inline into the HTML output. For example, you can use this procedure to add new functions or global variable declarations.


If you want to execute code you should use ADD_ONLOAD_CODE Procedure.


    p_code       IN VARCHAR2,
    p_key        IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL);


Table 32-6 ADD_INLINE_CODE Parameters

Parameter Description


JavaScript code snippet. For example: $s('P1_TEST',123);


Identifier for the code snippet. If specified and a code snippet with the same name has already been added, the new code snippet is ignored. If p_key is NULL the snippet is always added.


The following example includes the JavaScript function initMySuperWidget in the HTML output. If the plug-in is used multiple times on the page and the add_inline_code is called multiple times, it is added once to the HTML output because all calls have the same value for p_key.

apex_javascript.add_inline_code (
    p_code => 'function initMySuperWidget(){'||chr(10)||
              '  // do something'||chr(10)||
    p_key  => 'my_super_widget_function' );