The APEX_ACL package provides utilities that you can use when programming in the Oracle APEX environment related to the Shared Components for application access control. You can use the APEX_ACL package to add, remove, or replace user roles. You can also use the INSTEAD OF trigger on the APEX_APPL_ACL_USERS view to edit user roles with DML statements (INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE).

If the package is used outside of an APEX environment, the security_group_id must be set using either APEX_UTIL.SET_WORKSPACE or APEX_UTIL.SET_SECURITY_GROUP_ID before the call.

Use the related APEX views APEX_APPL_ACL_ROLES, APEX_APPL_ACL_USERS, and APEX_APPL_ACL_USER_ROLES to get more information on application users and roles.