6.3 Import Data Types

The section describes import data types used by the APEX_APPLICATION_INSTALL package.


t_file_type data types define the kinds of install files.

subtype t_file_type is pls_integer range 1 .. 5;
c_file_type_workspace           constant t_file_type := 1;
c_file_type_app                 constant t_file_type := 2;
c_file_type_websheet            constant t_file_type := 3;
c_file_type_plugin              constant t_file_type := 4;
c_file_type_css                 constant t_file_type := 5;


The constant c_file_type_websheet is no longer used in APEX and is obsolete.


t_app_usage data types define the kinds of application usage.

subtype t_app_usage is pls_integer range 1..3;
c_app_usage_not_used            constant t_app_usage := 1;
c_app_usage_current_workspace   constant t_app_usage := 2;
c_app_usage_other_workspace     constant t_app_usage := 3;


t_file_info data types specify information in a source file that can be used to configure the installation.

type t_file_info is record (
     file_type                   t_file_type,
     workspace_id                number,
     version                     varchar2(10),
     app_id                      number,
     app_name                    varchar2(4000),
     app_alias                   varchar2(4000),
     app_owner                   varchar2(4000),
     build_status                varchar2(4000),
     has_install_script          boolean,
     app_id_usage                t_app_usage,
     app_alias_usage             t_app_usage );