25.36 OPEN_QUERY_CONTEXT Function Signature 2

This procedure enables plug-in developers to open a query context based on the current region source. All data source information that the query retrieves is from the plug-in region metadata.


    p_columns               IN t_columns        DEFAULT c_empty_columns,
    p_filters               IN t_filters        DEFAULT c_empty_filters,
    p_order_bys             IN t_order_bys      DEFAULT c_empty_order_bys,
    p_aggregation           IN t_aggregation    DEFAULT c_empty_aggregation,
    p_first_row             IN PLS_INTEGER      DEFAULT NULL,
    p_max_rows              IN PLS_INTEGER      DEFAULT NULL,
    p_total_row_count       IN BOOLEAN          DEFAULT FALSE,
    p_total_row_count_limit IN NUMBER           DEFAULT NULL,
    p_sql_parameters        IN t_parameters     DEFAULT c_empty_parameters )
    RETURN t_context;


Table 25-30 OPEN_QUERY_CONTEXT Function Parameters

Parameter Description
p_columns Columns to be selected.
p_filters Filters to be passed to the query context.
p_order_bys Order by expressions to be passed to the query context.
p_aggregation Aggregation (GROUP BY, DISTINCT) to apply on top of the query.
p_first_row First row to be fetched from the result set.
p_max_rows Maximum amount of rows to be fetched.
p_total_row_count Whether to determine the total row count.
p_total_row_count_limit Upper boundary for total row count computation.
p_sql_parameters Additional bind variables to be used for the SQL query.