27.1 Constants and Data Types

The APEX_HUMAN_TASK package uses the following constants and data types.

Task Types

c_task_type_approval         constant t_task_type  := 'APPROVAL';
c_task_type_action           constant t_task_type  := 'ACTION';

Task List Context Types

c_context_my_tasks           constant t_task_list_context := 'MY_TASKS';
c_context_admin_tasks        constant t_task_list_context := 'ADMIN_TASKS';
c_context_initiated_by_me    constant t_task_list_context := 'INITIATED_BY_ME';
c_context_single_task        constant t_task_list_context := 'SINGLE_TASK';

Task Definition Participant Types

c_task_potential_owner       constant t_task_participant_type := 'POTENTIAL_OWNER';
c_task_business_admin        constant t_task_participant_type := 'BUSINESS_ADMIN';

Task Definition Participant Identity Types

c_task_identity_type_user    constant t_task_identity_type := 'USER';

Task (Instance) Priority Constants

c_task_priority_lowest       constant integer := 5;
c_task_priority_low          constant integer := 4;
c_task_priority_medium       constant integer := 3;
c_task_priority_high         constant integer := 2;
c_task_priority_urgent       constant integer := 1;

Task (Instance) States

c_task_state_unassigned      constant t_task_state := 'UNASSIGNED';
c_task_state_assigned        constant t_task_state := 'ASSIGNED';
c_task_state_completed       constant t_task_state := 'COMPLETED';
c_task_state_cancelled       constant t_task_state := 'CANCELLED';
c_task_state_failed          constant t_task_state := 'FAILED';
c_task_state_errored         constant t_task_state := 'ERRORED';
c_task_state_expired         constant t_task_state := 'EXPIRED';
c_task_state_info_requested  constant t_task_state := 'INFO_REQUESTED';

Task (Instance) Outcomes

c_task_outcome_approved      constant t_task_outcome := 'APPROVED';
c_task_outcome_rejected      constant t_task_outcome := 'REJECTED';

Task (Instance) Operations

c_task_op_approve            constant t_task_operation := 'APPROVE_TASK';
c_task_op_reject             constant t_task_operation := 'REJECT_TASK';
c_task_op_complete           constant t_task_operation := 'COMPLETE_TASK';
c_task_op_claim              constant t_task_operation := 'CLAIM_TASK';
c_task_op_delegate           constant t_task_operation := 'DELEGATE_TASK';
c_task_op_renew              constant t_task_operation := 'RENEW_TASK';
c_task_op_release            constant t_task_operation := 'RELEASE_TASK';
c_task_op_cancel             constant t_task_operation := 'CANCEL_TASK';
c_task_op_set_priority       constant t_task_operation := 'SET_TASK_PRIORITY';
c_task_op_add_comment        constant t_task_operation := 'ADD_TASK_COMMENT';
c_task_op_add_owner          constant t_task_operation := 'ADD_TASK_POTENTIAL_OWNER';
c_task_op_request_info       constant t_task_operation := 'REQUEST_INFO';
c_task_op_submit_info        constant t_task_operation := 'SUBMIT_INFO';
c_task_op_set_due_date       constant t_task_operation := 'SET_DUE_DATE';
c_task_op_remove_owner       constant t_task_operation := 'REMOVE_POTENTIAL_OWNER';
c_task_op_set_params         constant t_task_operation := 'SET_TASK_PARAMS';

Task (Instance) date formats

c_canonical_date_format      constant varchar2(16)     := 'YYYYMMDDHH24MISS';

Task Parameters Default

c_empty_task_parameters t_task_parameters;

Global Data Types

subtype t_task_participant_type is varchar2(15);
subtype t_task_identity_type    is varchar2(32);
subtype t_task_type             is varchar2(32);
subtype t_task_outcome          is varchar2(32);
subtype t_task_state            is varchar2(15);
subtype t_task_operation        is varchar2(30);
subtype t_task_list_context     is varchar2(15);

Data Types

Task Parameter (Value)

Attribute Description
static_id The static ID of the parameter. This ID must match the static ID of the corresponding parameter in the task definition.
string_value The value of the parameter as a string.
type t_task_parameter is record (
    static_id                varchar2(32767),
    string_value             varchar2(32767)

Collection of Task Parameter Values

type t_task_parameters is table of t_task_parameter index by pls_integer;

Collection of Task Participant Types

type t_task_participant_types is table of t_task_participant_type
    index by pls_integer;