43.2 EXPORT_DATA Function

This function exports current region data.


The APEX_REGION.EXPORT_DATA function only supports native regions at this time.


    p_format                    IN apex_data_export.t_format,
    p_page_id                   IN NUMBER,
    p_region_id                 IN NUMBER,
    p_component_id              IN NUMBER                                   DEFAULT NULL,
    p_view_mode                 IN VARCHAR2                                 DEFAULT NULL,
    p_additional_filters        IN apex_exec.t_filters                      DEFAULT apex_exec.c_empty_filters,
    p_max_rows                  IN NUMBER                                   DEFAULT NULL,
    p_parent_column_values      IN apex_exec.t_parameters                   DEFAULT apex_exec.c_empty_parameters,
    p_as_clob                   IN BOOLEAN                                  DEFAULT FALSE,
    p_file_name                 IN VARCHAR2                                 DEFAULT NULL,
    p_page_size                 IN apex_data_export.t_size                  DEFAULT apex_data_export.c_size_letter,
    p_orientation               IN apex_data_export.t_orientation           DEFAULT apex_data_export.c_orientation_portrait,
    p_data_only                 IN BOOLEAN                                  DEFAULT FALSE,
    p_pdf_accessible            IN BOOLEAN                                  DEFAULT FALSE,
    p_xml_include_declaration   IN BOOLEAN                                  DEFAULT TRUE ) 
    return apex_data_export.t_export;


Parameter Description
p_format Export format. Use constants apex_data_export.c_format_*
p_page_id ID of the page where the region is on.
p_region_id Open the query context for this specific region ID.

Region component ID to use.

For Interactive Reports and Interactive Grids, this is the saved report ID within the current application page. For JET charts, use the chart series ID.


The view type available for the report. The values can be:


If p_view is null, it gets the view currently used by the report. If p_view passed which doesn't exist for the current report, an error raises.

p_additional_filters Additional filters to apply to the context.
p_max_rows Maximum amount of rows to get. Default unlimited.
p_parent_column_values For the detail grid in an Interactive Grid Master-Detail relationship. Use this parameter to pass in values for the master-detail parent column(s).
p_as_clob Returns the export contents as a CLOB. Does not work with binary export formats such as PDF and XLSX. Default to false.
p_file_name Defines the filename of the export.
p_page_size Page size of the report. Use constants apex_data_export.c_size_*
p_orientation Orientation of the report page. Use constants apex_data_export.c_orientation_*
p_data_only Whether to include column groups, control breaks, aggregates, and highlights.
p_pdf_accessible Whether to include accessibility tags in the PDF. Defaults to false.
p_xml_include_declaration Whether to include the XML declaration. Defaults to true.


The export file contents, mime_type, and optionally the report layout.


Get the export result for a given saved interactive report on page 3 and download as HTML.

    l_export       apex_data_export.t_export;
    l_region_id    number;

   SELECT region_id into l_region_id
     FROM apex_application_page_regions
    WHERE application_id = 100
      and page_id = 3
      and static_id = 'classic_report';
    l_export := apex_region.export_data (
         p_format       => apex_data_export.c_format_html,
         p_page_id      => 3,
         p_region_id    => l_region_id );
    apex_data_export.download( l_export );