53.16 CREATE_USER_GROUP Procedure

This procedure creates a user group when you are using Oracle APEX authentication.

To execute this procedure within the context of an APEX application, the current user must be an APEX workspace administrator and the application must permit modification of the workspace repository.


    p_id                    IN NUMBER   DEFAULT NULL,
    p_group_name            IN VARCHAR2,
    p_security_group_id     IN NUMBER   DEFAULT NULL,
    p_group_desc            IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL );


Table 53-14 CREATE_USER_GROUP Parameters

Parameter Description
p_id Primary key of group.
p_group_name Name of group.
p_security_group_id Workspace ID.
p_group_desc Descriptive text.


The following example demonstrates how to use the CREATE_USER_GROUP procedure to create a new group called Managers with a description of text. Pass NULL for the p_id parameter to enable the database trigger to assign the new primary key value. Pass NULL for the p_security_group_id parameter to default to the current workspace ID.

        p_id                => null,         -- trigger assigns PK
        p_group_name        => 'Managers',
        p_security_group_id => null,         -- defaults to current workspace ID
        p_group_desc        => 'text');