13.40 DELETE_MEMBERS Procedure

Use this procedure to delete all members from a given named collection where the attribute specified by the attribute number equals the supplied value. If the named collection does not exist for the same user in the current session for the current Application ID, an application error is raised. If the attribute number specified is invalid or outside the range of 1 to 50, an error is raised.

If the supplied attribute value is null, then all members of the named collection are deleted where the attribute, specified by p_attr_number, is null.


    p_collection_name IN VARCHAR2,
    p_attr_number IN VARCHAR2,
    p_attr_value IN VARCHAR2);


Table 13-17 DELETE_MEMBERS Parameters

Parameter Description


The name of the collection to delete the specified members from. The maximum length is 255 characters. Collection names are not case sensitive and are converted to upper case. An error is returned if this collection does not exist for the current user in the same session.


Attribute number of the member attribute used to match for the specified attribute value for deletion. Valid values are 1 through 50 and null.


Attribute value of the member attribute used to match for deletion. Maximum length can be 4,000 bytes. The attribute value is truncated to 4,000 bytes if greater than this amount.


The following example deletes all members of the collection named 'GROCERIES' where the 5th character attribute is equal to 'APPLE'.

        p_collection_name => 'GROCERIES'
        p_attr_number     => 5,
        p_attr_value      => 'APPLE' );