53.23 DOWNLOAD_PRINT_DOCUMENT Procedure Signature 3

This procedure initiates the download of a print document using pre-defined report query and pre-defined report layout.


    p_file_name           IN VARCHAR,
    p_content_disposition IN VARCHAR,
    p_application_id      IN NUMBER,
    p_report_query_name   IN VARCHAR2,
    p_report_layout_name  IN VARCHAR2,
    p_report_layout_type  IN VARCHAR2 default 'xsl-fo',
    p_document_format     IN VARCHAR2 default 'pdf',
    p_print_server        IN VARCHAR2 default null);


Table 53-21 DOWNLOAD_PRINT_DOCUMENT Parameters

Parameter Description


Defines the filename of the print document.


Specifies whether to download the print document or display inline ("attachment", "inline").


Defines the application ID of the report query.


Name of the report query (stored under application's Shared Components).


Name of the report layout (stored under application's Shared Components).


Defines the report layout type, that is "xsl-fo" or "rtf".


Defines the document format, that is "pdf", "rtf", "xls", "htm", or "xml".


URL of the print server. If not specified, the print server is derived from preferences.

Example for Signature 3

The following example shows how to use the DOWNLOAD_PRINT_DOCUMENT using Signature 3 (Pre-defined report query and pre-defined report layout). In this example, the data for the report is taken from a Report Query called 'ReportQuery' stored in the current application's Shared Components > Report Queries. The report layout is taken from a Report Layout called 'ReportLayout' stored in the current application's Shared Components > Report Layouts. Note that if you want to provision dynamic layouts, instead of specifying 'ReportLayout' for the p_report_layout_name parameter, you could reference a page item that allowed the user to select one of multiple saved Report Layouts. This example also provides a way for the user to specify how they want to receive the document (as an attachment or inline), through passing the value of P1_CONTENT_DISP to the p_content_disposition parameter. P1_CONTENT_DISP is a page item of type 'Select List' with the following List of Values Definition:

STATIC2:In Browser;inline,Save / Open in separate Window;attachment

        p_file_name           => 'myreport123',
        p_content_disposition => :P1_CONTENT_DISP,
        p_application_id      => :APP_ID,
        p_report_query_name   => 'ReportQuery',
        p_report_layout_name  => 'ReportLayout',
        p_report_layout_type  => 'rtf',
        p_document_format     => 'pdf');