25.18 EXECUTE_REST_SOURCE Procedure Signature 2

This procedure executes a REST Source operation. The REST Source module and operation are identified by its static IDs. Use the t_parameters array to pass in values for declared REST Data Source parameters. REST Source invocation is based on metadata defined in Shared Components.


    p_static_id             IN            VARCHAR2,
    p_operation_static_id   IN            VARCHAR2,
    p_parameters            IN OUT NOCOPY t_parameters );


Parameter Description
p_static_id Static ID of the REST Data Source.
p_operation_static_id Static ID of the operation within the REST Data Source.

Parameter values to pass to the external REST Data Source.

Note that HTTP Headers, URL Patterns and other parameters being passed to a REST Data Source are typically strings. Oracle recommends that you explicitly pass all values to VARCHAR2 before adding to the t_parameters array.