22.8 GENERATE_DATA Procedure Signature 1

This procedure creates rows of data based on the blueprint tables and their columns customizations.

This procedure inserts data into tables in the schema when the p_format is set to INSERT INTO or FAST INSERT INTO. The outputs do not contain data (all are set to NULL).

This procedure also generates data in a file. For that file, the three outputs contain the following data:

  • p_output (BLOB) with the data output. Contents can be inside a JSON, CSV, ZIP, or SQL file.
  • p_file_ext and p_mime_type (VARCHAR2) indicates the file extension and its MIME type.

These three output parameters send the file to the user's browser so it can be handled client-side.

In both scenarios, p_errors may have a NULL value or a CLOB with a JSON output that contains any errors.


    p_blueprint             IN          VARCHAR2,
    p_format                IN          VARCHAR2,
    p_blueprint_table       IN          VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
    p_row_scaling           IN          NUMBER DEFAULT 100,
    p_stop_after_errors     IN          NUMBER DEFAULT c_max_error_count,
    p_output                OUT NOCOPY  BLOB,
    p_file_ext              OUT NOCOPY  VARCHAR2,
    p_mime_type             OUT NOCOPY  VARCHAR2,
    p_errors                OUT NOCOPY  CLOB )


Table 22-8 GENERATE_DATA Parameters

Parameter Description
p_blueprint Name of the blueprint.

Can be set to one of the following options:

SQL INSERT outputs a SQL script.

CSV outputs a single CSV for one table or a ZIP of CSVs for multiple tables.

JSON outputs JSON file.

INSERT INTO generates the SQL INSERT script and runs the insert statements in the current schema.

FAST INSERT INTO generates the data and does a single INSERT ... into [table] SELECT ... from [temporary table].


Null for all tables. If not null, generates data only for designated table.

If not null, must be table name of a table within the blueprint.

This value is case sensitive.

p_row_scaling Scales the number of rows defined into the blueprint by this percentage value.
p_stop_after_errors How many errors can happen before the process is stopped. This is only applicable for INSERT INTO.
p_output The blob to hold the output. Null for INSERT INTO and FAST INSERT INTO.
p_file_ext The file extension of the output. Null for INSERT INTO and FAST INSERT INTO.
p_mime_type The MIME type of the output. Null for INSERT INTO and FAST INSERT INTO.
p_errors JSON output of any errors. NULL upon success.


    l_output    blob;
    l_file_ext  varchar2(255);
    l_mime_type varchar2(255);
    l_errors    clob;
        (p_blueprint          => 'Cars',
         p_blueprint_table    => 'my_cars',
         p_stop_after_errors  => 100,
         p_output             => l_output
         p_file_ext           => l_file_ext,
         p_mime_type          => l_mime_type,
         p_errors             => l_errors