22.13 GET_EXAMPLE Function

This function generates example data for the friendly name of built-in data. The function returns a (user-specified) number of examples, showing the data to expect when using this friendly name.


    p_friendly_name     IN  VARCHAR2,
    p_lang              IN  VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'en',
    p_rows              IN  NUMBER DEFAULT 5 )
    RETURN wwv_flow_t_varchar2;


Table 22-13 GET_EXAMPLE Parameters

Parameter Description
p_friendly_name The friendly name.
p_lang (Optional) The language.
p_rows Number of rows (examples) to return.


The following example returns five rows from the domain of values for the built-in with the friendly name animal.family.

select * 
from apex_dg_data_gen.get_example( p_friendly_name => 'animal.family');