54.18 OAUTH_AUTHENTICATE Procedure Signature 2 (Deprecated)


OAUTH_AUTHENTICATE Procedure Signature 2 has been deprecated because p_wallet_path and p_wallet_pwd do not have a default value. Oracle recommends using OAUTH_AUTHENTICATE_CREDENTIAL instead.

This procedure performs OAUTH authentication and requests an OAuth access token. The obtained access token and its expiry date are stored in a package global.


    p_token_url              IN VARCHAR2,    
    p_credential_static_id   IN VARCHAR2,
    p_proxy_override         IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
    p_transfer_timeout       IN NUMBER   DEFAULT 180,
    p_wallet_path            IN VARCHAR2
    p_wallet_pwd             IN VARCHAR2
    p_https_host             IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL);


Table 54-10 OAUTH_AUTHENTICATE Procedure Signature 2

Parameter Description
p_token_url The url endpoint of the OAuth token service.
p_credential_static_id The name of the Web Credentials to be used. Web Credentials are configured in Workspace Utilities.
p_proxy_override The proxy to use for the request.
p_transfer_timeout The amount of time in seconds to wait for a response.
p_wallet_path The filesystem path to a wallet if request is https. For example, file:/usr/home/oracle/WALLETS.
p_wallet_pwd The password to access the wallet.
p_https_host The host name to be matched against the common name (CN) of the remote server's certificate for an HTTPS request.


        p_token_url              => '<a target="_blank" href="http://">http://</a>{host}:{port}/ords/scott/oauth/token',
        p_credential_static_id   => 'My_credentials',
        p_wallet_path            => null,
        p_wallet_pwd             => null );