41.40 PRINT_DISPLAY_ONLY Procedure Signature 1

This procedure outputs a SPAN tag for a display-only field.


    p_item_name        IN VARCHAR2,
    p_display_value    IN VARCHAR2,
    p_show_line_breaks IN BOOLEAN,
    p_attributes       IN VARCHAR2,
    p_id_postfix       IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT '_DISPLAY' );


Table 41-59 PRINT_DISPLAY_ONLY Parameter

Parameter Description
p_item_name Name of the page item. This parameter should be called with p_item.name.
p_display_value Text to be displayed.
p_show_line_breaks If set to TRUE line breaks in p_display_value are changed to <br /> so that the browser renders them as line breaks.
p_attributes Additional attributes added to the SPAN tag.
p_id_postfix Postfix which is getting added to the value in p_item_name to get the ID for the SPAN tag. Default is _DISPLAY.


The following example could be used in an item type plug-in to render a display-only page item.

apex_plugin_util.print_display_only (
    p_item_name        => p_item.name,
    p_display_value    => p_value,
    p_show_line_breaks => false,
    p_escape           => true,
    p_attributes       => p_item.element_attributes );