43.5 PURGE_CACHE Procedure

This procedure purges the region cache of the specified application, page, and region.


    p_application_id       IN NUMBER DEFAULT apex.g_flow_id,
    p_page_id              IN NUMBER DEFAULT NULL,
    p_region_id            IN NUMBER DEFAULT NULL,
    p_current_session_only IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE );


Table 43-3 PURGE_CACHE Parameters

Parameter Description
p_application_id ID of the application where the region caches should be purged. Defaults to the current application.
p_page_id ID of the page where the region caches should be purged. If no value is specified (default), all regions of the application are purged.
p_region_id ID of a specific region on a page. If no value is specified, all regions of the specified page are purged.
p_current_session_only Specify true if you only want to purge entries that where saved for the current session. Defaults to FALSE.


This example purges session specific region cache for the whole application.

         p_current_session_only => true );