5.8 Comparing Schemas

You can run a report that compares database objects in two schemas, displaying differences between them. You can compare all objects in the schemas or limit your report to specific objects.

To compare two schemas, both must be available to your workspace.


  • Compare DEMO_ objects by searching for that naming convention. The report indicates if the object exists in each of the two schemas.

  • Analyze the object details in the two schemas to determine why one implementation is different. For example, the report might show that an index in one schema has an additional column or a column with a different data type.

To compare schemas:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click SQL Workshop.
  2. Click Utilities.
  3. Click Schema Comparison.
  4. On the Schema Comparison page, make the appropriate selections to run the comparison:
    1. Schema 1 and Schema 2 - Select the schemas to compare.

    2. Compare - Restrict the report to show one object type or select All to show all database objects.

    3. Search - Enter a case insensitive query for the object name.

    4. Rows - To change the number of rows that appear in the report, make a selection from the Display list.

    5. Compare - Click Go to find the results matching your selections.

    6. Show Differences Only or Show Details - Select the type of information you want to review.

    7. Click Compare.