Creating Text Messages

Create translation messages by selecting the application and navigating to Shared Components, Globalization, Text Messages.

To create a translation message:

  1. Navigate to the Translate Application page:
    1. On the Workspace home page, click the App Builder icon.
    2. Select an application.
    3. Click Shared Components.
    4. Under Globalization, click Text Messages.
  2. On the Translate Messages page, click Create Text Message.
  3. On Identify Text Message, specify the following:
    1. Name - Enter the name of each message that must be translated.
    2. Language - Select the language for which the message will be used.
    3. Used in JavaScript - Enble this attribute if the message is used in APEX.LANG.* API calls in JavaScript code.
    4. Text - Enter the text to be returned when the text message is called.

      If the English text message contains positional substitution values (for example, %0, %1), ensure that your defined message also contains the same named and number of positional substitution values.

      For example, you could define the message GREETING_MSG in English as:

      Good morning %0

      Or, you could define the message GREETING_MSG in German as:

      Guten Tag %0

  4. Click Create Text Message.