ADD_ERROR Procedure Signature 1

This procedure adds an error message to the error stack that is used to display an error on an error page or inline in a notification. It can be called in a validation or process to add one or more errors to the error stack.


This procedure must be called before the Application Express application has performed the last validation or process. Otherwise, the error is ignored if it does not have a display location of apex_error.c_on_error_page.


    p_message          in varchar2,
    p_additional_info  in varchar2 default null,
    p_display_location in varchar2 );


Table 13-1 ADD_ERROR Procedure Signature 1 Parameters

Parameters Description


Displayed error message.


Additional error information needed if the error is displayed on the error page.


Specifies where the error message is displayed. Use the constant apex_error.c_inline_in_notification or apex_error.c_on_error_page. See "Constants and Attributes used for Result Types."


This example illustrates how to add a custom error message to the error stack. The error message is displayed inline in a notification. This example can be used in a validation or process.

apex_error.add_error (
    p_message          => 'This custom account is not active!',
    p_display_location => apex_error.c_inline_in_notification );