This procedure automatically sets the associated page item or tabular form column based on a constraint contained in p_error.ora_sqlerrm.This procedure performs the following:

  • Identifies the constraint by searching for the schema.constraint pattern.

  • Only supports constraints of type P, U, R and C.

  • For constraints of type C (check constraints), the procedure parses the expression to identify those columns that are used in the constraints expression.

  • Using those columns, the procedure gets the first visible page item or tabular form column that is based on that column and set it as associated p_error_result.page_item_name or p_error_result.column_alias.

  • If a page item or tabular form column was found, p_error_result.display_location is set to apex_error.c_inline_with_field_and_notif.


    p_error_result in out nocopy t_error_result,
    p_error        in            t_error );


Table 13-6 AUTO_SET_ASSOCIATED_ITEM Procedure Parameters

Parameters Description


The result variable of your error handling function.


The p_error parameter of your error handling function.


See an example of how to use this procedure in "Example of an Error Handling Function."