This procedure closes all open database links for the current database session. It is rare that this procedure would ever be called programatically in an application. The primary purpose of this procedure is for the middleware technology in an Oracle Application Express environment (for example, Oracle REST Data Service, mod_plsql) to be configured such that it closes all of the open database links in a session, either before a request is made to the Application Express engine, or after a request to the Application Express engine is completed but before the database session is returned to the pool.






In this example, the configuration of Oracle REST Data Services closes any open database links both before the request is made to the Application Express engine and after the request is complete.

    <entry key="procedure.postProcess">apex_util.close_open_db_links</entry>
    <entry key="procedure.preProcess">apex_util.close_open_db_links</entry>

When using Oracle HTTP Server and mod_plsql, this configuration would look like this:

    PlsqlBeforeProcedure	apex_util.close_open_db_links
    PlsqlAfterProcedure		apex_util.close_open_db_links