The APEX_DEBUG package provides utility functions for managing the debug message log. Specifically, this package provides the necessary APIs to instrument and debug PL/SQL code contained within your Application Express application as well as PL/SQL code in database stored procedures and functions. Instrumenting your PL/SQL code makes it much easier to track down bugs and isolate unexpected behavior more quickly.

The package also provides the means to enable and disable debugging at different debug levels and utility procedures to clean up the message log.

You can view the message log either as described in the “ Accessing Debugging Mode” section of the Oracle Application Express App Builder User’s Guide or by querying the APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGES view.

For further information, see the individual API descriptions.


In Oracle Application Express 4.2, the APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGE package was renamed to APEX_DEBUG. The APEX_DEBUG_MESSAGE package name is still supported to provide backward compatibility. As a best practice, however, use the new APEX_DEBUG package for new applications unless you plan to run them in an earlier version of Oracle Application Express.

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