20.3.3 Creating an Access Control Using the Create Page Wizard

Create an access control list using the Create Page Wizard.


This section describes how to create an access control list by running the Create Page Wizard from the Application home page. You can also run this wizard in Page Designer by clicking the Create menu and selecting Page.

To create an access control list using the Create Page Wizard:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click App Builder.
  2. Select an application.
    The Application home page appears.
  3. Click the Create Page button.
  4. For Create a Page:
    1. User Interface - Select a user interface for the page (optional). This attribute only displays for applications using older themes and for which Desktop and Mobile User Interfaces have been defined
    2. Page Type - Select the type of page you want to create.
      • Component - Provides page-level functionality and can be added multiple times within a given application. Examples include reports, forms, plug-ins, charts, calendar and so on.

      • Feature - Provide application-level functionality and can only be added once per application.


      The options that appear change based on the selected Page Type. To learn more,"Understanding Page Types in the Create Page Wizard."

  5. For Page Type, select Feature and then Access Control.
  6. On the Create Access Control:
    1. Administration Page Number - Enter an unused starting page number. This wizard creates multiple pages starting with the number specified.
    2. Page Group - Identify the name of the page group you to associate with this page. Page groups help developers manage the pages within an application. To create a page group, enter the name. To use an existing page group, select the name from the list. 
    3. Build Option - The wizard creates this build option to support this feature. You can use the build option to control whether the feature appears or to remove it later on.
    4. Administration Page Preference - Specify the administration page to which this access control list will be added. Options include:
      • Create a new page

      • Identify an existing page

      What appears next depends upon your selection. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    5. Click Next.
    A summary page appears.
  7. Click Create.