3.3.1 Installing and Running Sample Database Application

Install sample applications such as Sample Database Application on the App Gallery page.

To install Sample Database Application:

  1. Sign in to Oracle Application Express.
    The Workspace home page appears.
  2. Click the App Gallery icon.
    The App Gallery page appears.
  3. Locate and select Sample Database Application.


    Use the Search field at the top of the page to narrow the display.

    The App Details page appears.
  4. Click Install App.
  5. Select an Authentication scheme and click Next.
  6. Click Install App again.
    The Install Application page appears. The success message, Application installed, displays at the top of the page.
  7. To run the application, click Run. Enter the appropriate login credentials:
    1. Username - Enter your workspace username.
    2. Password - Enter your workspace password.
    3. Click Sign In.


    Once you install a sample application, it displays under Installed on the App Gallery page.