20.3.7 About Removing an Access Control Created with a Wizard

Remove an access control created with a wizard using build options.

When you add an access control list using a wizard, the wizard creates one or more pages and other components and processes to seamlessly integrate it into your application. Each feature is associated with a build option which contains one or more components. You use the associated build option to enable, disable, or permanently remove features.

Using Build Options to Include or Exclude Features

Build options have two possible values: Include and Exclude. If you select the build option status of Include, then the Application Express engine considers the associated components (in this case features) as part of the application definition at runtime. Conversely, if you specify the build options status as Exclude, then the Application Express engine treats it and any associated components as if it did not exist.

Removing Features Permanently

You remove features created with a wizard by first removing the components associated with the build option and then deleting the build option.