4.6.6 Adding Highlighting

Customize the display to highlight specific rows in a report by selecting Highlight on the Actions, Format submenu.

To add highlighting:

  1. Click the Actions menu and select Format and then Highlight.
    The Highlight dialog appears.
  2. Edit the following information:
    1. Name - Enter a name that describes this filter.
    2. Sequence - Enter a numeric value to identify the sequence in which highlighting rules are evaluated.
    3. Enabled - Select Yes.
    4. Highlight Type - Select Cell or Row.
    5. Background Color - Select a new color for the background of the highlighted area.
    6. Text Color - Select a new color for the text in the highlighted area.
    7. Highlight Condition - Select a column, an operator, and expression.
    8. Click Apply.


    Note the highlight On-Hold Projects displays in the Report Settings area above the report. You can show or hide the filter details by clicking the arrow to the left of the filter name.
  3. To revise the highlight, click the highlight name and make the following edits:
    1. Background Color - Select yellow.
    2. Text Color - Select red.
    3. Click Apply.
  4. To disable the highlight, select the Enable/Disable check box.
  5. To delete the highlight, click Remove Highlight.