7 Enabling Data Exchange with RESTful Services

RESTful Services enable the declarative specification of RESTful services used to access the database.

RESTful Services enable the creation of a set of standards-based API’s on top of database objects available for a workspace. Without connecting directly to the underlying data source, these API’s allow external systems to interact securely with the data by querying, inserting, updating or deleting.

Prior to release 18.1, the definitions of RESTful services created within Oracle Application Express were stored within the metadata tables of the core Application Express schema. Starting with release 18.1, Oracle recommends migrating of all RESTful services to the Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) repository. This migration makes it easier to manage RESTful services in a single place using a multitude of tools, including Application Express, SQL Developer, SQL Plus, SQLcl, and so on.

This section introduces you to the concepts of RESTful services and describes how to create, edit and delete RESTful Services using Application Express.


Your workspace administrator controls whether RESTful services are enabled. If disabled, the RESTful Services icon does not display.

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