7.2 Adding a New Page to an Application

Add a new page by running the Create Page Wizard from the Application home page.

To create a new page:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click App Builder.
  2. Select an application.
    The Application home page appears.
  3. Click the Create Page button.
  4. For Create a Page:
    1. Page Type - Select the type of page you want to create. Options include:
      • Component - Provides page-level functionality and can be added multiple times within a given application. Available Component pages include Blank Page, Report, Form, Plug-ins, Chart, Calendar, Tree, Wizard, Data Loading, Legacy Page, and Dashboard Page.

      • Feature - Provides application-level functionality. Available Features pages include About Page, Access Control, Activity Reporting, Configuration Options, Email Reporting, Feedback, Login Page, and Theme Style Selection.


      The Page Type you select(that is, Component or Feature) determines what appears next. To learn more see,"Understanding Page Types in the Create Page Wizard."

    2. Click Next.
  5. What displays next changes based on your selection. Follow the on-screen instructions. To learn more about an attribute, see field-level Help.