6.14.3 Viewing the Application Dashboard

View a report that summarizes application components and attributes.

To view the Application Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace home page.
  2. Click the App Builder icon.
  3. Select an application.

    The Application home page appears.

  4. Click Utilities.
  5. Click Application Dashboard.

    The Application Dashboard appears and contains the following sections:

    • Application Overview lists detailed information and statistics about the current application, including the ID, name, alias, parsing schema, associated group, number of pages, and associated theme.

    • Security lists the current authentication scheme, number of public and non public pages, and the number of authorization schemes used within the current application.

    • Templates contains links to reports of templates used within the current application.

    • Pages by Type lists counts of components, including types of reports and forms and dynamic HTML.

    • Application Components contains links to reports of application-level controls and logic, including lists, shortcuts, lists of value, tabs, application computations, application items, plug-ins, and application processes.

    • Page Components contains links to reports of page-level controls and logic, including regions, items, branches, computations, validations, dynamic actions, classic report columns, interactive report columns, and button.

    • Native Region Component Utilization charts the total number of all types of region components used in the app. This is a visualization of the information provided in the Pages by Type section, the Page Components, and others.

    • Plugin Region Utilization charts the total number of plug-ins used in the app.

  6. To view a specific report, click the number link to the right of the component type or template.