Configuring Security for Developer and End User Login

Configure developer and end user login security settings.

To configure security settings for developer and end user login:

  1. Sign in to Oracle Application Express Administration Services.
  2. Click Manage Instance.
  3. Under Instance Settings, click Security.
  4. Under General Settings, configure the following attributes:
    1. Delay after failed login attempts in Seconds - After failed logins, Oracle Application Express displays a countdown of this number times the number of failed login attempts, before it accepts new login attempts with the same username. Enter 0 to disable the countdown and allow immediate access.
    2. Method for computing the Delay - Select a method for computing the delay for failed log ins. The computation methods are based on recent data in the Login Access Log.
      See item help for further details.
    3. Inbound Proxy Servers - Enter a comma-separated list of IP addresses for well known proxy servers, through which requests come in. Oracle Application Express uses this list to compute the actual client address from the HTTP Headers X-Forwarded-For and REMOTE_ADDR.
    4. Single Sign-On Logout URL - Enter the URL Application Express redirects to trigger a logout from the Single Sign-On server. Application Express automatically appends ?p_done_url=...login url....
  5. Click Apply Changes.