3.4.3 Enabling Real Application Security

Enable Oracle Real Application Security.

If you are running Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( or later, you can enable Oracle Real Application Security. Oracle Real Application Security (RAS) is a database authorization framework that enables application developers and administrators to define, provision, and enforce application-level security policies at the database layer.

To enable Real Application Security:

  1. Sign in to Oracle Application Express Administration Services.
  2. Click Manage Instance.
  3. Under Instance Settings, click Security.
  4. Locate Real Application Security.
  5. For Allow Real Application Security.
    • Yes - Enables Oracle Database Real Application Security support for applications. If Real Application Security is configured in an application's authentication scheme, Oracle Application Express creates a Real Application Security session for a new Oracle Application Express session and automatically attaches to it.
    • No - Disables Oracle Database Real Application Security.
  6. Click Apply Changes.