3.9 Installing Exported Applications in a Runtime Environment

Instance administrators manage the Oracle Application Express runtime environment using SQL*Plus and the APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN API.


To ensure the security and performance of your development environment, this functionality is not available in Oracle APEX instances running in Oracle Cloud.

3.9.1 About the Advantages of Using Runtime Environment

An runtime environment enables you to run production applications, but does not provide a web interface for administration or direct development of these applications.

Oracle recommends that you run any sensitive production Oracle Application Express applications with a runtime installation of Oracle Application Express. A runtime installation does not expose the web-based application development environment, thus preventing the use of App Builder, SQL Workshop, and related utilities on a production installation. Additionally, a runtime environment only includes the Oracle Application Express database objects and privileges necessary to run applications, making it a more hardened environment.

See Also:

"APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN" in Oracle Application Express API Reference.

3.9.2 Installing an Exported Application in to a Runtime Environment

You administer the Oracle Application Express runtime environment using SQL*Plus and the APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN API.

To install an exported application into a runtime installation, you must:

  1. Export the workspace from the Oracle Application Express instance where the application was developed as described in "Exporting and Importing a Workspace."
  2. Use SQL*Plus to import your workspace in to the runtime environment:
    • Connect as APEX_210200, SYS, SYSTEM, or any schema to which the role APEX_ADMINISTRATOR_ROLE has been granted.

    • Run the workspace import file.

      If the workspace export file was created with a version of Oracle Application Express lower than 3.2, you must connect as APEX_210200.

  3. Export and then import your application using SQL*Plus in to the runtime environment.