Viewing the Workspace Details Report

View workspace information by viewing the Workspace Details Report.

To view the Workspace Details report:

  1. Sign in to Oracle Application Express Administration Services.
  2. Click Manage Workspaces.
  3. Under Workspace Reports, click Workspace Details.

    The Workspace Details page appears.

  4. Configure the report:
    1. From the Workspace list, select a workspace.
    2. From the Reporting Period list, select a period.
    3. Click Set.

      The Workspace Details report page appears. The following buttons display at the top of the report:

      • Remove - Removes the current workspace.

      • Edit - Edit workspace information and click Apply Changes.

      • Manage Schema Assignments - Links to Manage Workspace to Schema Assignments. See Managing Workspace to Schema Assignments.

      • Email - Send this report by email.

      The Workspace Details report is divided into the following major sections:

      • Workspace - Displays high-level information about selected workspace.

      • Workspace Schemas - Displays the schema name, and default tablespace, privileges granted, and database role privileges.

        When users sign in to Oracle Application Express, they sign in to a shared work area called a workspace. Each workspace can have multiple associated schemas. By associating a workspace with a schema, developers can build applications that interact with the objects in that schema and create new database objects in that schema.

      • Database Applications - Lists details about the database applications within the workspace.

      • SQL Workshop - Lists the number of SQL scripts, SQL script results, and SQL Command history.

      • Team Development - Lists the number of labels, milestones, issues, attachments, and feedback entries.

      • Workspace Application Activity Summary - Details statistics about workspace applications.

      Other sections include:

      • 5 Most Active Applications

      • Developer Activity Summary

      • Database Object Counts by Object Type

      • 5 Top Tables by Row Count, Reported by Schema

  5. From the Reporting Period list, select a period and click Set.