4.10 Using SQL Command History

You use SQL Command History to access commands you have executed in SQL Commands.

Commands you have executed are stored in the command history regardless of whether you explicitly save them.

4.10.1 Accessing a Command from Command History

From the SQL Commands page, click the History tab.

To access history commands:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click SQL Workshop and then SQL Commands.

    The SQL Commands page appears.

  2. Click the History tab.

    The list of commands in History appears in the display pane.

  3. Click the partial command displayed in the SQL column.

    The command appears in the editor.

4.10.2 About the History Pane

The History pane displays a list of commands you have executed.

Each history entry shows the time the command was last executed, the first characters of the command, and the schema in which it was executed.

On the History pane you can:

  • Load a command - Click the partial command displayed in the SQL column to load the command into the command editor. When the command loads, it also sets the schema in which it was last executed.