2.1 About Accessing Your Development Environment

How you sign in and access Oracle APEX depends upon your user role and where Oracle Application Express resides.

Oracle APEX may reside in a local on-premises Oracle Database or in a hosted environment, such as a Oracle Cloud service. The sign in process differs depending upon the installation type.

Oracle APEX On-premises

If you are running Oracle APEX on-premises, sign in to your Oracle APEX as described in Signing In to Your Workspace in Oracle APEX Installation Guide

About Accessing Oracle APEX in Oracle Cloud

In Oracle Cloud, Oracle APEX is installed and enabled in:

  • Oracle APEX Application Development (APEX Service)

  • Autonomous Database for Transaction Processing and Mixed Workloads

  • Autonomous Database for Analytics and Data Warehousing

Oracle APEX is available in Exadata Cloud Service and Database Cloud Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. However, you need to manually customize your databases to install and enable Oracle APEX by following on-premises installation process or using cloud tooling such as Terraform.

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