5.6.2 Reports and Forms Optimized for Mobile Environments

Run the Create Page Wizard to create mobile friendly reports and forms.

Although the Universal Theme is optimized to work well on mobile devices, not all components are mobile friendly. For example, interactive reports and interactive grids do not work well in mobile environments.

When creating report and forms for mobile devices, run the Create Page Wizard to create the following mobile friendly reports and forms:

  • List View - Creates a page that contains the formatted result of a SQL query. You choose a table on which to build the List view and select a database column to be used for the List view entry.

  • Column Toggle Report - By default, column toggle reports are created with all columns set to the same priority. However, the developer can edit the report column attributes and rank columns by importance. Columns with a lesser priority (larger number) are hidden at narrower screen widths. The report includes a Columns button which enables end users to select which columns they want to view

  • Reflow Report - When there is not enough space available to display the report horizontally, the report responds by collapsing the table columns into a vertical value pairs layout where each column displays on a separate row.

  • List View with Form - Creates a form and list view that enables users to update a single row in a database table. You choose the table on which to build the form and select the column to be used for displaying text in the List View.