17.3.6 Deleting a REST Enabled SQL Service Reference

Delete REST Enabled SQL references on the Edit page by clicking Delete.

You cannot delete a REST Enabled SQL reference if it is being used by an APEX component.

To edit a REST Enabled SQL service:

  1. Navigate to the REST Enabled SQL page:
    1. On the Workspace home page, click App Builder.
    2. Select a existing application.
    3. On the Application home page, click Shared Components in the center of the page.
    4. Under Data Sources, select REST Enabled SQL.


    You can also access the REST Enabled SQL page from Workspace Utilities. From the App Builder home page, before selecting an application, click Workspace Utilities and then REST Enabled SQL Services.

    The REST Enabled SQL page appears listing the Remote Server Name, Base URL, and Authentication.

  2. Click the remote server name.
    The Edit page appears.
  3. Click Delete.