17.3.2 Before You Begin: REST Enabled SQL Service Requirements

Prior to creating a REST enabled SQL reference, developers must complete these requirements.

Complete the following requirements before creating REST enabled SQL reference:

  1. Set up a remote Oracle database.

  2. On the remote Oracle database, install Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) 19.x or later.


    This ORDS installation is completely independent from the Oracle REST Data Services used as the Oracle APEX web server

  3. Configure and enable the REST Enabled SQL service feature. See “Configuring REST-Enabled SQL Service Settings” in Oracle REST Data Services Installation, Configuration, and Development Guide.

  4. Activate REST Enabled SQL for the target schema on the remote database to be accessed by running ORDS.ENABLE_SCHEMA.

    Log in to the database schema to be enabled for REST Enabled SQL and execute the following:


The REST Enabled SQL service is then available with a URL in the following format:


  • host is the name of the system where Oracle REST Data Services is installed.

  • port is the port number assigned when configuring Oracle REST Data Services. In a default installation, this number is 8080. 

  • ords is the service name defined when configuring Oracle REST Data Services.

  • schema is the target schema.


When providing the URL for the target schema in Oracle APEX, do not append /_/sql;.

You will use a URL using the above format when creating the REST Enabled SQL service reference in Oracle Application Express.

For example, the following is a REST Enabled SQL service for the scott_obe schema with ORDS running in standalone mode: