Description of Cluster Monitoring Information

The figure shows the cluster monitoring page, which includes two panes: Cluster Link State and Cluster Settings State.

Cluster Link State includes, from left to right, at the top, the Enable and Disable buttongs. Following these, from top to bottom, are a search field (with a Go button and an Actions menu), and a table listing nodes. From left to right are these columns: a check box so that you can select either all of the nodes or a specific node, Node ID, Node Name, State (up arrow indicates it is enabled; down arrow means it is disable), Heartbeat Lag (in seconds), Replication Lag (in seconds).

Cluster Settings State includes from top to bottom a search field (with a Go button and an Actions menu) and a table with these columns: Node ID (numerical order of nodes in the table), Node Name (which is clickable so that you can find more information about the node), Audit, FIPS, HSM, SNMP, SYSLOG, DNS.