Description of the illustration enroll_dbcs_endpoint.png

This screen shows the Enroll Endpoint and Download Software page.

At the top, from left to right, are two tabs: Enroll Endpoint & Download Software, and Download Endpoint Software Only. This screen shows the Enroll Endpoint & Download Software tab. From top to bottom are the following components:

Enroll Endpoint & Download Software label and to the right, the Cancel, Reset, and Enroll buttons.

The following text: "To enroll an endpoint, enter your endpoint Enrollment Token and click 'Submit Token'. Update the endpoint details if necessary and click 'Enroll' to complete the enrollment. Download the endpoint package when prompted."

Enrollment Token field, and to its right, the Submit Token button. To the right of this button, a status appears, in this case, Valid Token.

Endpoint Type menu

Primary SSH Tunnel label, showing the SSH tunnel's IP address and name to the right

Email field