Description of the illustration okvag_vm_008.png

This figure illustrates how the centralized storage of Oracle wallet files and Java keystores works. The components show a set of Oracle middleware and other servers and a set of Oracle databases, both of which will upload and download security objects to and from Oracle Key Vault. The component details are as follows:

Oracle middleware and other servers: these operate using application encryption, secure external password store (SEPS), and network encryption.

Oracle Databases: these contain wallets from Transparent Data Encryption, Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), Oracle Secure Backup, and Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System.

The kinds of security objects the Oracle middleware servers and Oracle databases use include: Java keystores and Oracle wallets. All of these can be uploaded or downloaded using Transport Layer Security (TLS) support.

To the right of the Oracle middleware servers and Oracle databases (and their Java keystores and Oracle wallets) is Oracle Key Vault. Its deployment types include: standalone, primary and standby, and multi-master cluster. The Oracle Key Vault server can accommodate itemized wallet and keystore contents, metadata for objects and items, and item grouping.