Oracle Machine Learning

Oracle Machine Learning accelerates the creation and deployment of machine learning models for data scientists by eliminating the need to move data to dedicated machine learning systems.

OML Notebooks

Data scientists, and developers use an easy-to-use, interactive multiuser collaborative interface based on Apache Zeppelin notebook technology, supporting availability for SQL, and PL/SQL interpreters for Oracle Autonomous Database.

OML for R

R users gain the performance and scalability of Oracle Database for data exploration, preparation, and machine learning from a well-integrated R interface which helps in easy deployment of user-defined R functions with SQL on Oracle Database.


Data scientists are able to simplify the creation of machine learning models using familiar SQL and PL/SQL for data preparation, and machine learning model building, evaluation, and deployment inside Oracle Database.

Oracle Data Miner

Oracle Data Miner is an extension to Oracle SQL Developer that enables data scientists, "citizen data scientists," and business and data analysts to view data, rapidly build multiple machine learning models, compare and evaluate multiple models, apply them to new data, and accelerate model deployment.