Import a Notebook

You can import notebooks across Pluggable Databases (PDBs) into your workspace. You can also import Jupyter notebooks into Oracle Machine Learning.

Oracle Machine Learning supports the import of both Zeppelin (.json) and Jupyter (.ipynb) notebooks.


Starting in Oracle Database 20c,"database" refers specifically to the data files of a multitenant container database (CDB), pluggable database (PDB), or application container.
To import a notebook:
  1. In Oracle Machine Learning home page, click Notebooks.
  2. In the Notebooks page, click Import.
    This opens the File Upload dialog. Browse and select the notebook that you want to import.


    You must have the notebook saved as a .json file to import it. You can import notebooks exported from non-Oracle Apache Zeppelin environments, but only paragraphs types that are supported may be run.
  3. In the File Upload dialog, browse and select the .json file and click Open.
    This imports the notebook file into your workspace.
  4. Click the imported notebook to open it. In the notebook page, click the gear icon to view the interpreter bindings.