About OML4R Client

Lists the components of OML4R Client.

OML4R includes several components that must be installed separately on each client computer.


The version of OML4R must be the same on the server and on each client computer. Also, the version of R must be the same on the server and on each client computer.

Components of OML4R Client

The OML4R Client components can be installed in any order.

The following sections have information about the components.

See Also:

  • Table 1-3 for a list of supported R and OML4R versions.
  • Figure 1-2 for an illustration of the client and server components of OML4R

About Oracle Database Client Software

ROracle requires an installation of Oracle Database client.

ROracle is one of the supporting packages used by OML4R. It requires an installation of Oracle Database client software to enable communication between an R client and an Oracle Database instance. The database client can be either Oracle Database Client or Oracle Database Instant Client:

  • Oracle Database Client is distributed with Oracle Database and is based in the Oracle home of the database.

  • Oracle Database Instant Client is a free, standalone implementation of Oracle Database Client. Oracle Instant Client is not based in an Oracle home directory and requires less disk space than Oracle Database Client.

About the OML4R Packages

The OML4R packages are a set of Oracle proprietary packages that support OML4R.

These packages are required on each client computer and on the server computer that hosts OML4R Server. On the server, the OML4R packages are installed automatically by the OML4R Server installation script.


The version of the OML4R packages on the client must match the version of the OML4R packages on the server.

Table 6-1 OML4R Packages

Package Name Description


The top-level package for OML4R.


Corresponds to the open source R base package.


Contains common low-level functionality for OML4R.


Exposes Oracle Data Mining algorithms through R.


Transparently implements dplyr data manipulation functions for ore.frame and ore.numeric objects.


Contains functions for exploratory data analysis.


Supports embedded R.


Corresponds to the open source R graphics package.


Contains functions for advanced analytical modeling.


Enables scoring data in Oracle Database using R models.


Corresponds to the open source R stats package.


Supports XML translation between R and Oracle Database.

About the OML4R Supporting Packages

The supporting packages are a set of open source packages that support the OML4R packages.

Table 6-2 OML4R Supporting Packages

Package Name Description


Provides the infrastructure for representing, manipulating, and analyzing transactional data and patterns (frequent itemsets and association rules).


Supports graphic rendering on an OML4R server.


A database interface definition for communication between R and Oracle Database.


Supports the reading and writing of PNG images for OML4R objects.


Provides classification and regression based on a forest of trees using random inputs.


Oracle Database interface for R-based OCI.


Provides statistical modeling functions, including growth curve comparisons, limiting dilution analysis, mixed linear models, heteroscedastic regression, Tweedie family generalized linear models, the inverse-Gaussian distribution and Gauss quadrature.