About the Oracle Machine Learning for R Sample Installation Environment

About the server computer:

  • The server is running Oracle Linux 6.

  • The server has access to the internet and to Oracle public yum.

  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition is installed on the server.

  • Environment variables:

    • $ORACLE_SID specifies the identifier (SID) of the database.

    • $ORACLE_HOME specifies the home directory of the database.

    • $LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes $ORACLE_HOME/lib.

    • $PATH includes $ORACLE_HOME/bin.

  • The Linux user ID of the installer:

    • Has sudo rights or root access for installing Oracle R Distribution.

    • Is a member of the dba group for installing and using OML4R.

    • Has write access to $ORACLE_HOME/lib.

About the client computer:

  • The client is running 64-bit Windows.

  • The client has access to the internet.