4.1 Before Creating a Model

Explains the preparation steps before creating a model.

Models are database schema objects that perform machine learning. The DBMS_DATA_MINING PL/SQL package is the API for creating, configuring, evaluating, and querying machine learning models (model details).

Before you create a model, you must decide what you want the model to do. You must identify the training data and determine if transformations are required. You can specify model settings to influence the behavior of the model behavior. The preparation steps are summarized in the following table.

Table 4-70 Preparation for Creating an Oracle Machine Learning for SQL Model

Preparation Step Description

Choose the machine learning function

See Choose the Machine Learning Technique

Choose the algorithm

See Choose the Algorithm

Identify the build (training) data

See Prepare the Data

For classification and regression models, identify the test data

See Data Sets for Classification and Regression

Determine your data transformation strategy and create and populate a settings tables (if needed)

See Specify Model Settings