Automatic In-Memory

Automatic In-Memory enables, populates, evicts, and recompresses segments without user intervention.

When INMEMORY_AUTOMATIC_LEVEL is set to HIGH, the database automatically enables and populates segments based on their usage patterns. Combined with support for selective column level eviction and recompression, In-Memory population is largely self-managing. This automation helps maximize the number of objects that can be populated into the In-Memory Column Store at one time.

Details: Automatic In-Memory

This page provides more detailed information about how the new value of the initialization parameter INMEMORY_AUTOMATIC_LEVEL influences the behavior of in-memory segments compression in the In-Memory Column Store, population into the In-Memory Column Store and eviction from the In-Memory Column Store.

Practice: Configuring and Observing Automatic In-Memory

This practice shows how to configure Automatic In-Memory and then observe how in-memory objects are automatically and dynamically populated in the IM column store without user intervention, and then possibly automatically evicted from the IM column store.

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