Bitwise Aggregate Functions

New aggregate functions BIT_AND_AGG, BIT_OR_AGG, and BIT_XOR_AGG enable bitwise aggregation of integer columns and columns that can be converted or rounded to integer values.

Bitwise aggregation functions enable bitwise type processing directly in SQL. Use of these new functions improves overall query performance by eliminating unnecessary data movement and by taking full advantage of other database capabilities such as parallel processing.

Practice: Using Bitwise Aggregate Functions

This practice shows how to use the new BIT_AND_AGG, BIT_OR_AGG and BIT_XOR_AGG bitwise aggregate functions at the bit level of records within a group. BIT_AND_AGG, BIT_OR_AGG and BIT_XOR_AGG return the result of bitwise AND, OR and XOR operations respectively. These aggregates can be performed on a single numeric column or an expression. The return type of a bitwise aggregate operation is always a number.

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