Starting with this release, the REALM_NAME and RULE_SET_NAME columns will use the VARCHAR2 data type instead of being in nested tables.

This enhancement enables multiple realm names and rule set names to be separated by a comma in a VARCHAR2 data type instead of using a nested table in the columns. In the unlikely situation where you may have so many realms or rule set names protecting a single object in which the VARCHAR2 data exceeds 4000 characters, Oracle Database Vault will truncate the list of realms or rule sets at 4000 characters in the column and if the full set is needed, it can be retrieved from the nested table in the DVSYS.SIMULATION_LOG$ base table.
Storing realm names and rule set names as a VARCHAR2 data type makes it easier for you to read the realm name or rule set name in the simulation log. Most users only use a single realm or rule set to protect their sensitive data objects and even if they do use multiple realms or rule sets, it is easier to read data in a VARCHAR2 data type rather than a nested table.

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