Details: Fleet Patching and Provisioning Common Data Model

This slide explains how existing RHP peer server functionality has been extended to support query operations, achieving a globally shared data model among the servers.

FPP provides support for peer servers, allowing the management of images between the peers. This functionality has been extended to allow querying the information for the rest of the entities stored in the repository of peer servers.
The -rhpserver option is available for query operations on RHP servers only. The argument passed from the command line to the option is treated as a Java regular expression. For each site that is either the local RHP server or a peer server and whose name matches the expression provided, the query will be executed on it. The -rhpserver option has been added to query operations:

  • rhpctl query client
  • rhpctl query image
  • rhpctl query imagetype
  • rhpctl query series
  • rhpctl query server
  • rhpctl query workingcopy